Actually, it was a man in his blue underwear only, and no, superman he was not.
It’s been a few days and I wanted to let you all know that yes we are still alive 🙂 As Shabbat was ending, Bryan and I decided to go for a walk and enjoy the peace and quiet. Down a main road was a gentleman on his apartment balcony washing the floor I’m assuming. And yes, he was only in his, um, undergarment. We quickly walked on down the road, enough said…

What is Shabbat? Good question, I’d be happy to explain. Shabbat is the Hebrew word for the Sabbath, which is to be a day of rest. According to Genesis 1-2 God created the world in 6 days and on the 7th day He rested. Later in the Bible God commands Israel to follow His example and also rest on the 7th day. (Which at that time was a completely new thought- every other nation worked all 7 days.) It is a command that they have followed through the centuries (actually millenniums) and they still rest on the 7th day. It was a very nice relaxing day for Bryan and I as well. Amazing, God actually knows what we need. 🙂

Everything in the Jewish sections of the city shuts down, and in the more orthodox areas you
can get in trouble for doing anything that could be considered work that day. We have found a lot of plastic ware in our apartment and I think it’s for meals on Shabbat, so you don’t have to wash any dishes.

Shabbat actually begins Friday night at the beginning of sundown (so yes it changes weekly) and ends Sat when the sun is completely down. In Genesis 1 the Bible says, “there was evening and there was morning, the first day…” The Jewish people follow that example. For them, the night of one day occurs before the daytime of the same ‘day.’ This only effects them on holy days, though, like Shabbat or Purim. Hence Shabbat is Friday night and Saturday day. On Saturday night stores and restaurants open up again. (I’m becoming convinced Israelis are night people.)

Besides going to Synagogue, Shabbat has a few traditions associated with it. One is delicious Khalah (sp?) bread that you eat only on Shabbat. It’s a sweeter white bread, braided, and about a foot long. You can buy it with seeds or a sweet glaze on it. Bryan and I will be enjoying this treat every Friday night while we’re here.

As for the pictures, both were taken on Shabbat. The first one is on the walk that Bryan and I took. Our little street opens up to this one, Agrippas St. The second picture was taken looking out one of our apartment windows.

Well, I need to do some homework now. Yay……