We’re trying something new here. We’ve added this little handy poll here on the right. We’ve decided that we want to do a whole bunch of little trips while we’re in Jerusalem but we’re not sure what to do first. So I thought I’d put it to the audience so to speak. Feel free to vote on where you’d like us to visit the poll will close (each week if it goes that long) at the end of Shabbat here (about 6:00pm Sat). And we will report back to everyone on the experience hopefully with pictures. If the voting for this week’s poll is slim we may spill it over to next week. Otherwise look for new options each week.

Oh and for those savvy visitors that know how to skew voting results on polls like this. This is the honor system. If the numbers are really off like 10,439 vs 2, then we will pick one ourselves. 🙂