Well despite the fact there may be an hour or two left in the voting the outcome has been decided. (Yes, we operate here like a small third world country and we’re happy about it.)

We’re heading to the Old City walls Wednesday morning. We actually asked a friend of Erika’s if he wanted to walk the walls with us so sorry to anyone who voted after Friday at 1pm EST.

However, Sunday we will be going on our first long field study trip of the year. We leave the school front gate at a loverly 7:00am. And with a 30 min walk to get to school you can do the math on our alarm clock settings. We will be sure to take some pictures and Erika will have some commentary on something she learned. (It’s my assignment to her.) Neither one of us is taking the field studies for credit; we’re just tagging along for the experience and to learn a thing or two. However, Erika is using the information for review in her end of the semester History/Geography/Archaeology comp.

What’s a comp? A comprehensive test over everything she’s learned about the subjects above. For those who went to (or are in) college, you know the difference between your final exams between college and High School? This is the next click up. So… she better learn something and to prove it we’ll have her post what she’s learned.

So you’ll probably get that report first and then later in the week you will get the Old City wall walk posting.