Well, Wednesday evening started the Jewish holy day of Rosh Hashanah- the Jewish new Year. Unfortunately, I can’t give you guys much information on it yet because I don’t know much about it myself. At this point I can tell you Wednesday evening at sundown they blew the Shofar, and Thursday morning they blew it several times, and at least once in the afternoon that we heard. Along with that, EVERYTHING is closed in the Jewish sections from Wed evening until Sat evening/Sunday morning. Yep, for three days nothing is open because Torah states that no work is to happen on holy days.

It is interesting to note what is open though. Bryan and I went for a walk at 5:15pm on Wednesday hoping to find a restaurant still open. No such luck, except for a bar. Go figure. So, we went back home and ate veggies and bread. Yes, Bryan was ok with that dinner. The next morning- Thursday- on my way to school (yes JUC being an American Institution doesn’t close for the Jewish holy days- although if the Prof is Jewish he’ll cancel his classes) – anyway on my way to school Bryan and I noticed that a liquor store was also open. Surprise, surprise. And I am not completely positive of this one, but during my last time in Israel McD’s was open on Shabbat so I am assuming that it will be open during this time as well. No surprise there I’m sure.

I actually just found a website that I quickly skimmed and seemed to give good info on this holy day – http://www.jewfaq.org/holiday2.htm – if you’re curious about Rosh Hashanah I recommend reading the article.

Because everything was going to be closed for 3 days grocery shopping had to be done Wednesday before sundown. Bryan and I made the mistake of going to the Shuk Wednesday afternoon, after our wall walk (see earlier entry). It was like the mall at Christmas time on steroids. 🙂 Well, maybe not that bad, but it was um, tiring shall we say. We bought the few items to get us through the next few days and quickly went home. Next time we’ll go the day before the day the holy day starts…..

As for the pictures. One is of Bryan and I on the wall walk with the Dome of the Rock behind us. One is of our apartment building- you can see our window above the stairs. And then last but not least- our new special treat. For those of you that know this- Bryan and I had the bad habit of baking 6 cookies every night and eating them. I LOVE fresh homemade choco cookies. Well, in replacement of our homemade cookies for 3 mos we found these delicious treats. They are chocolate pastries, we buy them at the Shuk- 1 shekel per pastry (about 25 cents), and they are delicious!!!! They are very popular here it seems.

And now for the homework I’m procrastinating about….
FYI- On Sunday we turn our clock back one hour so for those in Michigan we will be only 6 hours ahead of you.