The first picture is of the sun setting in Samaria. I just wanted to see how it would turn out 🙂
Here are pictures of the Sukkot we saw during the festival of Sukkot. The singular form is Sukka and the plural is Sukkot. The festival ends Thursday so the final festivities start tonight (Wed night).

Sukkot is the feast of Tabernacles found in Leviticus 23. To remember their wandering in the wilderness and the faithfulness of God as He led them through, the Jewish people are to live for 7 days in a “booth.” Now called a Sukka.

You are suppose to live, eat, and sleep in the Sukka. As you saw in the Mea Shearim post and in these pictures the Sukka can be put anywhere that you can fit it. The third picture shows the Sukka right outside our door. There are also many different looks and sizes for the Sukka. Most restaurants even have a Sukka set out so that people can eat in the Sukka even when they go out.

This is also called the Pilgrim festival and rightly so. There are a TON of people here in Jerusalem. I haven’t heard this much English since we left the US. The streets are packed with cars and the sidewalks with people. The shuk is a madhouse at times.

I’ve seen numerous people eat in their Sukka. I have yet to see anyone actually sleep in it. That may be something only the Orthodox do, or those who have bigger areas. I don’t know.

The festival tonight which ends Sukkot is called Simchat Torah. It is the end of their yearly Torah reading cycle. It’s quite a sight. Everybody gets all dressed up, they take out their Torah scrolls, and the men dance with them. We’re going down to the Western wall to watch. I’m not sure we’ll be able to get any pictures but we’ll try.