Picture 1- This is a replica of the horned alter they found at Beer Sheva. It fits the dimensions that Moses gave to Israel before they entered the Land. The horns on top were probably for tying the sacrifice to because they did live sacrifices.

Picture 2- I am standing next to a Roman Mile Marker. They were put along the routes to different cities and told you how far you had to go to the next city or how far away you were from the city you had just left. Every time a new Emperor came into power new mile markers had to be put up with the new name on it.

Picture 3- Bryan and I in front of a spring called at En Gedi. You can’t get a good sense from the picture but this is actually in a very very dry, hot, and dusty part of Israel so the spring looks wonderful! Somewhere in this area it’s also believed that David hid from Saul. We don’t know exactly where, but somewhere around here possibly.

Picture 4- Nahal Zin. Nahal is Hebrew for river bed (Wadi is the Arabic term). According to the Biblical text an event of some significance took place in the Nahal Zin. Whether this actually is the Biblical Nahal Zin we’re not sure, but it may be. We were able to climb through the Nahal Zin and up the cliff right where the picture is- there’s a path it’s really not too hard 🙂

Picture 5- an Ibex. These creatures live in the wilderness/desert area. They are amazing! To watch them walk DOWN the side of a cliff without any concern. It brought to life the passage in Habakkuk 3:19- “He makes my feet like hinds feet, and makes me walk on the high places…”