Sorry, I’ve been trying for the past little while to upload a couple of pictures and it won’t let me. It says it’s having ‘issues.’ Hopefully this won’t continue and we’ll be able to add pictures to the next few posts.

Well, in case you couldn’t tell by our silence we have been a little busy these past few days. Nothing exciting, besides the basic we are in Israel and life is always different here 🙂 I have been studying trying to prepare for my tests and get homework done. Bryan has been working and going to Ulpan.

This weekend is our last field study with JUC. My Regional Explorations class is going to the Jezreel Valley for three days. We’ll be gone Saturday through Monday. This is a second year class so there’s quite a bit more prep work we have to do for this trip. The Jezreel Valley is more in central Israel and it is of HUGE importance to the country partially because of its resources, but also because of the routes that go through it. Major battles have happened here since the earliest times. Many people believe Armageddon will happen/start here.

There are seven different places to get in or out of the valley. Each person in the class (there are seven of us) was given one route to research. This weekend we will visit each route and we’ll take turns teaching/explaining the route to the rest of class. We need to touch on history, archeology, historical, Biblical, and modern events, agriculture, rainfall, elevation, boundaries, rivers…. It’s quite a bit of info. I’m a little nervous but it will be fun, and Bryan’s coming so that’s always a plus 🙂

Lord-willing when we get back we’ll be able to put some pictures up for you guys.

Well, that’s how we are doing. I hope you all are doing well.