First, I have to say I just found out on Wednesday that I am going to be able to take my Hebrew comprehensive test this Friday. I am very anxious to be done but also very nervous. I have to pass this test to get my degree. And it’s not just a test- it will take 6-8 hours probably for me to do it. Also, a friend of Bryan’s and myself – Brandon- will also be taking the test on Friday. We would both appreciate any prayers you could offer on our behalf that day.

These pictures are from this past weekend. Brandon is the guy on the left next to Bryan. The guys are holding mill stones, or chunks of them that we found on one of the tells. Mill stones were used by the women to grind the grain down to make bread. A mill stone was also used by a woman to kill a man. It’s actually quite an interesting story in Judges 9. A bad guy- Abimelech- was trying to light a tower full of people on fire and a woman threw a millstone and cracked his skull.

The second picture is of Bryan jumping over a fence. I just thought it was a fun picture 🙂 Although we did a bit of this this past weekend.

The third picture is of the inside area of our hostel. Because Israel gets so hot during the summer and does not get a lot of rain in the winter- depending on the area you’re in-some of the hotels and hostels tend to be more open like this. There is no roof over the courtyard. It was just a nice open area.

The fourth picture is of Brandon and John (red shirt) pretending they’re fencing. On one of our excursions we came across this broken down building in the middle of the woods. The setting was beautiful but it was hard to capture on camera. Dr. Wright thinks the building was an Arabic mill that had been destroyed probably within the last 50-75 years. Amazing how quickly nature takes over. You can’t tell from this picture but right behind John is a tree coming down through the open area that once had a roof.