Well, the Hebrew Comprehensive went really well yesterday for both Brandon and I. We started at 9 am and finished about 2:30, with a break for lunch. I feel pretty positive about it so I’m going to focus on the other comprehensive and my final project. Hopefully I’ll know soon how I did, but I’m not worried. Thanks to all who prayed. God, as always, was faithful.

I thought it would be nice to actually show pictures of the Jezreel Valley itself. You may want to click on each one to make it bigger to get a better sense of what’s in the pictures since they’re only of landscapes.

The first picture, having said that, is actually of part of a dig. We were on Tell Rehov and one of the students in the class had been a part of it so he was showing us around. Anyway, this is just to give you an idea of what a dig on a tell can look like. You can tell from the weeds it was a few years ago they were digging there.

The second picture is of part of the Jezreel Valley. When you think of Israel you could divide it basically like this- North to South line moving Eastward- first you have the Mediterranean sea on the West, next to that (Eastward) is the coastal plane (basically a flatter area), the next thing Eastward is called the “Central Mountain Range,” running N-S through Israel. After that you have the Rift Valley, and then into Jordan you have the Eastern mountain Range running North to South and then you have the desert. Does that make sense? Anyway, the Jezreel Valley is the largest valley bisecting the Central Mountain range. Basically, its this huge flat area surrounded by mountains.

The third picture is of “Mt Saul,” it’s on the edge of the Valley. Any guesses where it’s name came from????? I know there are a few pastors who read this but they shouldn’t be the only ones who can answer that question 🙂

The fourth picture is another angle of the Jezreel Valley. Trust me, it’s quite big so you can’t get all of it in one picture.