Well, we had a really nice weekend. We had a nice dinner on Friday night and watched part of a movie to celebrate my test being done. We cleaned, relaxed, ran errands, worked, and went to Church Sat and Sunday. It was just a good slow weekend. If any of you are interested Bryan answered my question from the last post in a comment.

Now, for the pics…
The first picture is actually from earlier this semester during our “wall walk” excursion on the wall around the Old City. The guy I’m standing with is Ben. He is the Director’s son. I met him 2 years ago when I first came. He’s just a really nice guy. Only 18, Jen, sorry 🙂 He’s in France now with WYAM. The leaf I am holding up between us is a ‘fig leaf.’ Yes, this is THE leaf that Adam and Eve tried to cover themselves with. When we get to heaven we should ask how that worked for them.

The second picture is of one of the gates leading into the Old City. It’s called Zion Gate. Back during the ’67 war (I think) Jordan controlled inside the Old City and Israel controlled outside. You can see the bullet holes in the side of the wall from the war. This is where Israel pushed in and was able to get into the Old City.

The third picture is of Bryan and I from the Jezreel trip. Awwww.

The fourth picture is of the sun setting over the Mediterranean Sea at Ashkelon. I thought it was just a nice picture. Ashkelon was one of the five cities that belonged to the Philistines. It was also one of the FEW coastal cities that existed in Israel. It has an impressive tell.- quite big.