Well, here are some more pictures from the weekend. The first is Bryan at Nimrod’s castle using the WC (bathroom). This is a real-life water closet from the 13th cent. It smelled like it had been in use for that long.

The next picture is at Tel Qedesh. It was an active Jewish community for quite awhile after the time of Jesus. Part of one wall was left standing from a pagan Temple. The rest had been knocked down. I was being a column. It’s hard to tell in the picture but I was actually standing on the base of the column.

The third picture is also from Tel Qedesh. A beautiful example of a Corinthian (I think) capital. Capitals were placed at the top of the columns to add design. I think it’s upside down too, but it’s been awhile since I studied about them so I’m not positive.

The fourth picture is of Bryan at Tel Dor. It was raining and we were trying to hide underneath a wooden structure. In Israel it doesn’t rain straight down, it rains sideways because of the wind. When we got back to the car, honestly, one side of me was drenched and the other side was barely wet, because of how the rain fell. Craziness….

Well, there’s not much else to say. Just trying to finish up and enjoy our last couple weeks here. I can’t believe how fast it has gone. I’m excited to be done soon and go home, but I’ll be sad to say goodbye. The weather has changed finally. Last week I wore capris and t’shirts. This week we’re all in jeans and sweatshirts. It happens fast.