Well, now that it’s coming down to the wire Bryan and I are taking the camera with us everywhere. So, we were finally able to get pictures of the Shuk. This is the open air market where you can get anything and everything from food to clothes to CD’s, to bathroom or kitchen supplies. This is the cheapest place to shop, the closest to us since it’s a 5 minute walk away, and you get the fresh stuff here. But, that also makes it incredibly busy.

The first picture is of me, looking a little frazzled, at our favorite place to buy Challah bread and our little chocolate treats. It’s a pastry shop. You can see Challach bread behind me. This place supposedly has the best Challah bread in town we were told by another customer, but I believe it because it is incredibly busy every Friday morning. This was actually a very quiet Friday in the picture.

The next picture is a small portion of one street in the Shuk. The Shuk is on a few different streets and goes for quite a ways. In case you couldn’t tell this is a place to buy fresh fish. We haven’t bought any meat here, can you guess why?

The next picture is of a ‘main’ street in the Shuk. The little ‘grocery store,’ which is just a side store, that we like to shop at for our milk, cheese, yogurt, and cereal is on this street. I’m not sure how well this street does in the winter when it’s pouring.

The last is of a side street in the Shuk. These types of shops are where we buy our fruits and veggies. Yes, mothers we wash them before we eat them. You grab the bag above the produce and fill it. Then the guy at the counter weighs it and you pay.

In the Shuk the weak get stepped on. In the beginning Bryan would get frustrated with me because I didn’t push my way forward and other people would cut in line ahead of me. I would get frustrated with myself as well. One day an older gentleman finally took pity on me after watching me timidly hang out at the back of the line. He grabbed my bag of veggies and set it on the counter to be weighed and translated into English how much I owed. I thanked him many times. I’ve gotten much better at it now.