It’s called a Chocolate Banana Baum and yes, it is delicious! In case you can’t tell it’s a waffle with chocolate sauce and bananas on top. There’s vanilla ice cream and whip cream on the side. Saturday night Bryan gave me a study break and took me on a date to the Waffle Crepe. This is the 3rd time we’ve been there. Each time has been enjoyable although this is the only thing we’ve ever eaten. Yes, we do split it.

As of this morning I am done with my Seminar project. I turned in the papers to Dr. Wright this morning. Praise the Lord. There were days I wasn’t sure I would be done in time. The final project I turned in was about 100 pages in length, and that doesn’t include the data base I constructed on my laptop. It has been a busy semester. Tomorrow I am going to take my final comprehensive. It is the Historical Geography exam. I basically need to know and understand the Old Testament and how it plays out on the land and the historical events and the archaeological finds that pertain to it. Sounds simple right 🙂

Thankfully, Dr. Wright said he’s only expecting us to know key players in each century so that does make things easier. Anyway, tomorrow (Tuesday) or today actually, I would ask for your prayers. I have been studying all weekend. I just need to pass this exam and I am done!

I will let you know how it goes. Thanks for praying….