Ok, so I can’t say for sure because, Lord-willing, tomorrow Dr. Wright will let me know if I passed the final test. But, I feel really really good about it. I had to pick 4 out of 5 questions to answer. It took me about 4 hours so that wasn’t too bad. My hand is tired 🙂 Anyway, I feel good about the test. I think I’m afraid to let myself believe and feel done until I hear for sure.
I think part of me just hasn’t comprehended it either, though. What, I’ve been pushing for almost four years to get this degree?!

As a congratulations my sweet husband bought me a box of chocolates! Yes, mother, unlike you I share with my family 🙂 Bryan and I will be enjoying this treat most definitely.

So, thanks for your prayers! I definitely appreciated and felt them. I felt clear headed and knew what to write. God is incredibly faithful. I have seen it these past 3 months in amazing ways.

I’ll post probably one more time before we leave on Saturday.