I thought you might enjoy pictures of Jerusalem. The first three were taken on my daily walk to school. I didn’t take too many of the inner city stuff. The last two pictures are of “our” main street where our apartment is. The very last picture shows the little opening off the main street to our small side street. Our apartment is back in the little cove that’s to the right of the truck.

Well, thanks for reading our blog. I hope you enjoyed it and learned at least a little about life in Israel. I enjoyed writing about it. It has been quite the adventure and we are sad to say goodbye. God has been so incredibly faithful. I know He doesn’t change, but I just don’t recognize His faithfulness back in the US like I did here. It has been an amazing time and we are so grateful God gave us this opportunity.

What comes next? Well, tonight we’re getting together with friends to say goodbye. Tomorrow night we leave Israel at 11pm and arrive in Mi about noonish on Sunday. After spending a couple days with family we leave next Wednesday to go to Alaska for two weeks to see my older sister’s family! So excited! We’ll get back to Mi in time for Christmas. At the end of January we are flying to Connecticut to see Bryan’s brother and family! Also, very excited about that! Other than that, who knows.

The adventure for us is continuing. We don’t know where God is taking us from here exactly. BUT, after the past three months, there is no doubt in my mind He has everything under control and will show us the next step. He is faithful, and He is good. God is awesome, my friends.

Well, again thanks for reading. God bless, and see some of you soon!