Uh, no not MINE! Thank you very much. More pics of my adorable nieces and nephews.

The first one is of Kylie – 3 yrs in one of her ‘outfits.’ The second is Aliza – 1 yr as she is trying to stand up. The third is of Cayden -8 mos just looking adorable. The fourth is Aliza and Eben – 3 years playing together. Too cute, I miss them all.

As for Bryan and I we are doing well. For all my complaining I only work Mon, Wed, and Friday about 18 hours a week. It’s been encouraging how quickly I remember what I learned almost 4 years ago.

Oh, and actually God was faithful (of course) and the 2nd day of teaching went so much better than the first. I enjoyed it and I think the students did as well.

Otherwise, not much else is happening. I continue to get chances to teach Bible studies and Bryan and I are going to teach at my parent’s Church the Easter Sunday service on the 3 spring Feasts in the OT and their connection to Jesus’ death and resurrection and our lives as believers today. Oh and yep we’re still living at the cottage – thanks mom and dad van.