So, for the past two weeks or so I have been searching Ludington for a place for Bryan and I to live. Yes, we finally decided that for now this is where God wants us and we are here for at least a year. It’s nice to at least be able to move forward and start planning a little more about what this year may hold.

Anyway, it is getting to be a little frustrating to be honest. There are a few different obstacles in the way of domestic bliss. One problem is the ‘smallness’ of Ludington. There just aren’t a lot of options here and I feel like we’re running out of choices. Together we have called on more than a dozen places for rent and I have seen 7 of those. I have definitely learned a few things in my travels. First, just bc a place says something about being on or near the water doesn’t mean that it’s nice or even really ON the water. It could just mean close to the water and still be a dump. Second, when people say small they usually mean ‘tiny.’ And apparently not everyone has the same definition of the words ‘nice and clean.’ Always see before you buy!

Another point of contention is….. money versus comfort and happiness. Now, there is an apartment that is really nice, bigger, cozy (I love it can you tell) but it’s a bit higher than what we were wanting to spend. There is a different apartment that’s definitely cheaper but it’s also ‘tiny,’ dark, and a little depressing to be honest. Now, for a year we could get rid of some furniture or store it and just cramp up for a year and deal with it. BUT, we have to live in this place for a year why can’t we enjoy it and actually like our home????

The other issue is that both apartments could go quickly bc of the type of both. So, we could wait for another two months at Bryan’s parent’s cottage. They don’t need it until this summer. But then both apartments could be gone and who knows where that would leave us.

Yes, I do believe that God is in control and has a home for us. Bryan and I have been praying daily for wisdom with our search and I know are families have been praying as well. But, is wisdom jumping on the best find that’s available to the best of your knowledge, or is it waiting to see if anything else is going to come that’s better…. I don’t know- any thoughts?