Well, as of today I am 14 weeks. This is our little one’s first picture. A little bit of a surprise in how quickly God allowed us to become pregnant, but we had both decided by the end of the year to at least try to get pregnant. Now, Lord-willing, we will have a living breathing baby by the end of the year 🙂 The due date is end Oct. beginning Nov. My sister-in-law is due the exact same day I am so it’s a race to the finish line.

A sooner change that is taking place (besides my need for bigger pants…) is that we are moving! Praise the Lord! This Saturday my dad, Bryan’s parents, and Bryan and I are meeting Joel (a friend of Bry’s) in GR to unload our stuff from the storage containers into a moving van and cars. Then we’ll drive back to Ludington and move everything into our new apartment. We will be back in the land of the living and I can’t wait! I have been incredibly thankful for Mom and Dad Van’s generosity with their cottage and it’s freedom and privacy. But our time there is done and we are anxious to be in our new home.

As for the last change, well, a few weeks ago Bryan turned to me and said, “I think it’s time to take my earrings out. I am no longer a single twenty-something bachelor. I am a thirty year old married man with a child on the way and I think it’s time I grew up.” So, alas (sigh), he did. To be honest, I was always secretly proud that my husband had earrings and I thought he looked too cute in them. But, now that he’s taken them out I barely notice that they’re gone and maybe one day he’ll put them back in ….