Ok, Ron, here they are so you’d better look 🙂 Pictures from the move! I knew you were all dying to see them. The first picture is of what it would have looked like had you driven by us last Saturday in GR. We basically just pulled most of our stuff out of the pods, to see what all we had to fit in there, and then began putting the stuff in the truck. By the time I took this picture some furniture was already in the back of the moving van.

The second and third picture were taken specifically with Eben (a nephew) in mind. He is almost 4 and LOVES trucks. When I called Uhaul to rent the van I asked to be able to pick it up as close to the storage company as possible. They were near Alpine and 3rd street. Well, Friday afternoon we get the phone call (for Saturday) – sorry the only van we have is in Fremont so you’ll have to drive there and then to GR and then to Ludington. It was a bigger truck, 26′, then what we had asked for as well. BUT, it all turned out for the best. The drive to Fremont was nice. Having the bigger truck made packing much easier, and Bryan did a great job driving (my dad went with him in the van). Thanks to all who helped!!!

As I said before, all in all the day went really well and God was incredibly faithful. We’ve been in the apartment for one full week now. And despite getting woken up the first 5 mornings at 5:30am by a bird singing incredibly loudly outside our window, we are settling in well and enjoying our new home. We almost have everything unpacked too and I can’t wait to be done!