So, not the best picture of me but it shows what it needs to. Yep, I have a belly. This was taken on Sunday and to be honest, I feel like I’ve grown even since that picture if you were to see me today. Oh well. I am 17 weeks now. Sometimes it feels like things are going so fast and sometimes so slow! I’m just so excited to actually meet this little one, to hold him/her, and see her/him with my own eyes…. Sigh, but that will come soon enough I know

This past weekend Bryan and I had a little getaway. We didn’t realize how well God had planned the whole thing when we first set it up, but I have to say, it was a great weekend and perfectly timed too. We saw our old small group in GR which was a blast. Then we went to a B&B called A Finch Nest for some R&R from Saturday to Sunday. Bryan is going to come along later and put a link in for it. We stayed there once before and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It’s an old redone Victorian house and is run by an elderly couple. I think the wife just loves to entertain and cook and make people feel at home.

There are only 3 bedrooms and each bedroom has its own private bathroom with a shower and jet tub 🙂 Each room also has its own tv with DVD and VCR player. There’s a little sitting room with books and a fireplace. The breakfast was freshly squeezed orange juice, hot tea (or coffee), fruit, fresh banana muffins, fresh homemade bread with real butter, and an egg soufflé with asparagus and onion. It was delicious and more than enough food for this pregnant woman 🙂 Anyway, we heartily recommend this place for anyone looking for a break and some pampering.