I have finally been able to feel the baby move 🙂 It is quite an experience I have to admit. It’s still so little that I can only feel the movement when I’m sitting or lying down, which makes it difficult to not want to sit and lie down all day…. I read on a website – if you want to know what it feels like to have a baby moving inside you place one hand on your cheek and then push your tongue up against that cheek and that’s the feeling. Yeah, I think that’s true. I would describe it more like little pokes on the inside of my abdomen. Too adorable 🙂 I’m now 19 weeks and have another ultrasound this Friday!!!!!!! I can’t wait to see this little one inside of me again!

I was hoping to think of a creative way to move from the baby topic to the Bible topic but I couldn’t so this sentence will have to do. I gave the message on Mother’s Day at my parent’s church. (they said I was close enough to being a mother) Well, the passage I believe God gave me to speak on was 1 Kings 18 – Elijah and the prophets of Baal. Here are some quickies of things I learned from studying.
— 1 Kings 17:1- God declares a drought on His land bc they are worshiping Baal. Why a drought? Bc this Baal was supposedly the god of rain and thunderstorms. This Baal was the one you prayed to for rain! So, you tell me, why did God declare a drought?
— In chapter 18 Elijah says there is going to be a contest between the God of Israel and Baal on Mt. Carmel. Why Mt. Carmel – bc according to the Baal myths Mt. Carmel is where Baal lived. You have to admit – God has His own sense of audacity 🙂 I love it. God challenges Baal to a showdown and even gives Baal home court advantage! How awesome is God.
— 1 Kings 18 has at least one very humorous spot. The prophets of Baal spend ALL day trying to get their ‘god’ Baal to answer their prayer and Elijah ends up mocking them like crazy. The Hebrew isn’t specific but when you put the verbs for “deep in thought” and “busy” together in this sentence the way Elijah does, it could be a reference to going to the bathroom. In other words “maybe Baal is so busy sitting on the toilet he can’t respond to your prayers right now” only using more degrading verbage – wow, talk about sarcasm!

Oh the stuff you learn…