So, to be completely honest when Bryan and I first talked about getting pregnant, or allowing it to happen I didn’t love the thought of being pregnant in Ludington. I wanted to be back in Grand Rapids where I knew at least my old small group would be thrilled for us and my old co-workers would be excited. I didn’t know what to expect in Ludington or who would really care, besides family and a few church people.

Let’s just say God once again has been abundantly faithful and just plain good to me above and beyond my expectations. First the women I work with here have been wonderful, encouraging, and excited for Bryan and I. Then, at both parent’s churches we have friends that get excited and are fun to talk to about the pregnancy. Not to mention friends from all over who email, trade pictures, and are honestly excited for us as well. I didn’t know what to expect and I didn’t want to get my hopes up, but even if I had gotten my expectations raised the reality and God’s blessings would have been above and beyond what I could have hoped. I enjoy being pregnant but you all make it so much more fun!!!

Plus, my supervisor at work, Dr. Lang, loves to take pictures and is actually quite good at it. She’s done weddings and graduation and other photos. Anyway, she decided to make my pregnancy another photo shoot opportunity 🙂 And then she decided to create an ‘album’ on shutterfly from the pictures she was taking so I didn’t have to wait until after the pregnancy was done to show everyone the pictures. The link is on the right side under ‘baby site.”

The pictures will be added to monthly as she takes others of me in my growing-ness. I’ll try to add pertinent baby news more to that site than this one. This one I may make more for Biblical stuff we’re learning or other things we’re going through. I don’t know, we’ll see what happens 🙂