Just some more pics from our weekend with the VanHaitsma family. We miss them already. (I hope you guys had a good safe trip home, Lori, we were praying for you.) It’s hard to believe the next time we see them both they’ll have a 3rd child and we’ll have our 1st! Nope, Jess, we’re not finding out what we’re having. We decided to let it be a surprise, which is quite difficult to be honest.

Planning is not the easiest when you’re not sure what to plan for. What type of bedding do you go with, what color play mat, stroller, bouncer…. what type of clothing do you get? Thankfully there are a TON of gender neutral clothing and baby stuff out there. Plus, my thinking is – if we’re planning on having more than one child anyways, this time we might have a boy, the next time a girl or vice versa so why buy mostly gender specific stuff now (besides clothes) when you may have a different gender the next time? Makes sense to me but I’m new at this 🙂
Thanks to my little sister I have been introduced to a beautiful song from the “new” group Tenth Avenue North. It’s called “Beloved.” Here’s part of the song:

“Love of my life, look deep in my eyes. There you will find what you need. Give me your life, the lust and the lies, and the past you’re afraid I might see. You’ve been running away from me…. I’m the giver of life. I’ll clothe you in white. My immaculate bride you will be. Come running home to me. You’re my Beloved Lover I’m yours. Death shall not part us, its you I died for. For better or worse, forever we’ll be. My love it unites us and it binds you to me.”

I don’t know about you guys, but I so often need to be reminded how deeply God loves me and desires for me to love Him. Now, I know this song doesn’t even come close to the reality, but it’s better than anything I could have come up with. And the thought that even with my past, my lies, my lusts, God still sees and accepts me as an immaculate bride, let’s just say a God that can do that is worth any cost and deserves all worship.

How often do I come to God with everything completely exposed and open? When was the last time I just let myself look deeply into the eyes of God and saw not only His holiness and justice, but His mercy, grace, and love? When was the last time I felt God’s love deeply, passionately, intimately, and honestly? I don’t really know.

But I do know this, if God feels more for me than I do for the little one inside me, wow.