Well, I completely forgot to mention that last week I went with my parents and little sis to Gatlinburg TN for a ‘family reunion.’ I meant to ask Bryan to post a quick note but forgot that as well. Sorry about that 🙂

Gatlinburg is quite the city I must say. My little sister has a few friends that live near there and they call it ‘Tacky Town.’ I can understand why they would call it that, but it’s still a fun place to visit. I’d recommend it to people.

The reunion was with my dad’s side of the family, the Nelsons. We use to get together almost yearly but then 5 years ago my grandma passed away and my grandpa got remarried and we just haven’t really all been together since. So, my grandpa and his wife Audrey decided to rent a Chalet in the Smoky mtns above Gatlinburg and put us all up for the week. It had 8 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, 3 pools in different areas in the ‘chalet village’, a beautiful view (we were about 3000 ft up), and AC which I was very thankful for 🙂 Not to mention that my older sister and her two kids flew in on Wednesday and that was great to have them home. They’re here for the entire month of August – YEAH!

It was a lot of fun and so good to see everyone again. Yep, I was called Preggo the entire week basically. I’m not sure they even remember my name 🙂 We walked around Gatlinburg, went for walks up the mtn (only about 1/10 of a mile left to get to the top from our Chalet), hung out at home, sat by a pool for hours or in a pool. It was just really nice and relaxing. One day when it was raining the ‘girls’ took apart my grandma’s old beaded jewelry and pearls and rebeaded them into more modern looking bracelets and necklaces. We can still say we’re wearing my grandma’s jewelry but now it fits the times better 🙂

Unfortunately my little sister has my camera at the moment so I can’t show any pics but as soon as I get the camera back I’ll put up a few. Bryan also was unable to go 🙁 We decided he should wait and take his time off when the baby’s born instead of the family reunion.