Do you ever just feel like the world is spinning way too fast and you just need a few hours or days to yourself and then you’ll be able to jump back on it and run at full speed again? I do right now. Part of it is my personality. I am just a lazier slower paced person. I can keep up the fast pace for awhile, but it takes its toll on me. Ask my family what I was like when I was an R.A. at Moody my senior year 🙂 Ahhhhh, the tears that flew those two semesters. Then there’s the time of life right now. I just spent the last four weeks spending as much time as I could with family. My sister and her family left for Alaska on Saturday 🙁 If I wasn’t with them all day, I was with them that night after work, and sometimes before work as well. Definitely worth it, but I’m feeling a little antisocial now.

I’d love to be able to blame part of it on being pregnant, and I’m sure that’s adding to some of my fatigue, but how much, I don’t know.

Now that my sisters are both gone, sigh, I get to focus on other aspects of life again. Getting ready to have a baby for one. It’s amazing how much pressure that can add to life, even though there isn’t a ton really I can do at this point. I am trying to continue working out to stay somewhat in shape, drinking plenty of water, trying to eat well somewhat, practicing breathing techniques for labor once or twice a week, figuring out a name for this child (still no boys’ yet), wondering how in the world we are going to fit all the baby’s stuff in our apartment and somewhat have things in order before the child arrives. It’s not really a lot to do, but the pressure is killer sometimes.

There’s work. I only have two more months left. That’s crazy, and boy is it going to fly I have no doubt. I’ll definitely miss the women I work with, but I know I’ll have other things on my mind soon 🙂

There’s family still in the area. Tomorrow I am canning peaches with my mother-in-law. Yes, it’s a lot of work but the peaches really are good and in the middle of winter it’s nice to have a can of peaches to munch on. Plus there are my parents who are bummed from the departure of my other two sisters still (we’re a pretty tight family). Not to mention a husband who would like time with his wife 🙂 Go figure.

There’s the 6 week Biblestudy I’m teaching/creating on the land of Israel. It is going incredibly well and I am loving it (I’m told the people I’m teaching are enjoying it as well which is good 🙂 ) but it is hard work coming up with your own lessons. It’s much easier to teach someone elses. Trust me.

Then there’s my own devo time, amazing how the most important thing to do becomes the last thing on my agenda. I KNOW I need to be more committed and yet, I just am not usually. A quick prayer or two, a guilty feeling as I pass my Bible again without picking it up…. If children learn by example I am nervous about what my child will learn by watching me one day.

Any words of wisdom I would definitely appreciate but I get the feeling it’s just ‘life’ and sometimes you just have to deal with it and learn to prioritize…