Well, taking my older sister’s advice Bryan and I are trying to be thankful for something every day with this little one. Most often it has been just being thankful for the apparent continued health of this little life (if the movement is any indication) and another day the baby is inside of me growing a little bit bigger, healthier, and stronger. It’s just one more day this little life can become that much farther prepared for life outside.

I am thankful this didn’t happen earlier in the pregnancy. Everything was normal and healthy and there were no concerns up until these past two weeks. I was able to go 7 months with my only concerns being the ones I allowed myself to panic over 🙂

I am thankful that we only have about 8 weeks to go (according to my Dr’s office) before this little one is full term. That’s only about 2 months of dealing with this. Much easier than what my cousin went through. Her fluid was found to be low at 20 weeks and for the next 20 weeks she had to do kick counts 2x a day and be checked weekly to make sure everything was ok. Thank You, Lord, I have not had to deal with this for that long.

I am thankful that at this time the little one is healthy and everything is ‘normal.’ Quite low almost too the edge, but at this point, normal.

I am thankful for living in a day and age where we have the knowledge and technology to find things out and take care of them. It is amazing now the stories I am hearing of other children born really early or other parents having problems with their pregnancies (much worse than mine) and in each case everyone is healthy and fine today. That’s always just encouraging to hear.

I am becoming more thankful for every little movement now. It’s just reassuring to be honest.

I am thankful my appointment with the specialist is tomorrow. I don’t know if I could wait too much longer 🙂

I am thankful I have a husband who is fully supportive and concerned but not letting me get to panicky. How many times he’s had to remind me that God is in control and we need to trust I can’t say.

I am thankful there is a God in heaven who cares for and loves this little one more than I can imagine. I am thankful His eyes are on this child already and He is in control of the situation. You know (a little side tangent here), I love the fact that not only do we serve a God who truly loves us, but who’s also powerful and knows all. If He was just powerful but didn’t love us I’d be scared to death about what He could do. If He loved us but didn’t have all knowledge He might make mistakes. Or, if He loved us but didn’t have all power He might not be able to act on our behalf and have His will be done in our lives. I am thankful God is exactly the way He is, not that I always understand Him or His ways to be honest 🙂

I am incredibly thankful for your prayers as well. Knowing that others are lifting up this little one, I can’t tell you how appreciative we are. Thank you.