First and foremost let me say – THANK YOU so much for your prayers, emails… God definitely heard and answered. According to the OB specialist the baby is still small but in the normal range and my fluid is still on the low side but definitely out of the danger zone. Praise the Lord! I can handle a small baby and it will be good for me to continue drinking a lot of water either way.

Now, if like me you enjoy the worship song “Above All” you may not want to continue reading this blog :)… I warned you… So, Bryan and I were discussing tonight – why did Jesus come to earth and die? To bring peace, a sword, salvation… That then led into the thought – what was Jesus thinking of when He went to the cross bc it seems obvious that He did not want to go. (See the prayers in the Garden)

There is a well-known worship song out there that states “You (Jesus) took the fall and thought of me above all.” In other words, “I” was what Jesus was primarily thinking of when He went to the cross. He did it basically for me. Now, I have absolutely no qualms with the idea that I was on Jesus’ mind when He died. That my sins were flashing through His brain cell, He’s God. If He wants to think of so many people in the midst of 3 hours, He can. BUT, did Jesus really think of me ABOVE ALL when He went to the cross? Was MY salvation His primary reason for dying? Or was His first thought primarily to bring glory to His Father and since this is the way His Father had chosen to receive glory, this is what must occur. Maybe, instead of thinking of me above all, Jesus thought of His Father above all. (yes His death brought about my salvation and I am incredibly thankful for that, I’m just beginning to wonder if my salvation was His top priority)

You could say that I’m building a ‘mountain out of a mole hill’ with this. But I think it’s an important point personally. It seems like today there is a common ‘man-centered’ mindset even in the midst of Biblical studies, theology, doctrine, worship, in my own thinking…. I know I have a ton more to learn about the Bible and God, but the more I learn the more I’m struck by the fact that it is truly All About GOD. No, if ands, or buts. Isaiah 43:25 says “I, even I am He who blots out your transgressions, For MY Own Sake, and remembers your sins no more.”

I don’t know, I need to think some more on this. Yes, I will more than likely sing that song again in my life. And I’ll probably not even feel guilty for singing it 🙂 But, Lord-willing, I’ll be reminded that maybe that’s not exactly true. If it’s all about God, then maybe Jesus thought about God above all, and maybe I need to as well. Thoughts?

PS – my 8th month picture and the new baby ultrasound picture should be up on the baby site sometime this week.