Well today was an interesting day. I am a small group leader in my mom’s Bible study. The husband of one of the woman in my group died unexpectedly on Saturday. He was in his 60’s I believe. The funeral was today.

The woman in my group was brought up Catholic and didn’t become a believer until later in life. Her children were all raised Catholic and they wanted their dad buried with a proper Catholic mass. This was my first Catholic funeral mass. It was interesting. This Protestant girl was definitely out of her element at times 🙂

I understand the need for tradition at times (I still agree with celebrating the Passover), but liturgy is not something I appreciate too much. I am sorry if I offend anyone, this is personal opinion, but it made the funeral seem impersonal. I like more what I consider to be real and personal services with the impromptu prayers and statements, not read prayers. A response from people that flows from agreeing with the Pastor/preacher – a good hearty “AMEN” not a dictated response that here I say “Amen.” But, I was not brought up with liturgy which may play a part. If anyone disagrees with me I’d honestly love to hear why they love liturgy and what it means to them.

A brother of the deceased got up and talked about this man. He was a ‘gentle giant’ who loved his family, hunting and fishing, and enjoyed his beer. They talked about the long tales he would tell, and the way he would do anything for anyone. It was a really nice tribute and made me wish I could have met the man once. He sounded very interesting, in a good way.

But, one thing that was not mentioned was a love for God or the things of God. It just made me begin thinking – what would I want people to say at my funeral? What do I hope people will say at my funeral (should Jesus tarry)? And am I living in such a way that they will say these things. Will something other than my love for chocolate be mentioned 🙂 What type of legacy am I leaving behind and what type do I want to leave behind? Sometimes those are two different things.

In other news we just bought a ‘new’ car. A 2003 Mercury Sable Wagon. Yep, we have finally progressed into the needing a bigger car bc it will be easier to have a car seat in and will allow us to keep our stroller in the trunk. Both Bry and I agreed we feel ‘old’ when we sit in the car 🙂 I’m not ready for minivan and we definitely don’t need one but we may in the future so this is my in between car to prep me for that. Lord-willing we have 3 or 4 or 5 kids… Don’t share that with my hubby just yet 🙂