I know, I know, you can all feel pity for our poor child 🙂 The first picture is of basically the baby’s “dresser” with clothing, a few diapers, and blankets. We don’t have room for a real dresser yet, although we do have one in my parent’s garage. Anyway, this works just as well for now and I’m sure after much counseling the Little one will be able to cope 🙂

The second picture is of the bassinet and a diaper bag. Once the baby is born the bassinet will be moved next to our bed on my side. But for now it’s sitting against the wall in the nursery/office. When the time comes this is where the crib will go, but for now we’re trying to wait on that and save some room. You can’t see it in the picture but there’s a little nightstand next to the bassinet on the left side. There are diapers and baby stuff in that. In the closet we put a tub full of toys and stuffed animals to be used later. There are quite a few books on a shelf now, and behind the door in this room we put up a, well, it’s kind of like a behind the door shoe rack but it’s for other stuff. Anyways, that has baby things in it as well. The swing, bouncy seat… all those things are behind a couch in our living room to be pulled out when the baby comes as well.

Yep, it’s just gonna be tight and we’ll make it work however 🙂 But, the Little one is definitely worth it. Names for those of you who haven’t heard yet -sorry. Rina Marie (Marie after me, my mom, and grandma) if it’s a girl. Again Rina, pronounced like Tina, means “shout of joy” in Biblical Hebrew. OR, Micah Jon (Jon after Bryan and Dad Van) if it’s a boy. Micah means “who is like the LORD.” Micah is the only boy’s name we could both agree on so that appears to be the winner.

Oh, there are new pics up on the baby’s site. My ninth month pictures and some new pics of Bryan and I 🙂