Be careful what you wish/pray for – you just may get it!

I have prayed several times – Lord, it would just be nice to have the baby this week. Then I can stop wondering if the placenta is ok, if the chord is causing issues, how the fluid is, and whether this little one is alright still. Not to mention I’m getting anxious to hold and see this child and find out what this baby is. Please let the baby come this week!

Bryan has stated a couple of times (mind you not praying just stating) it would be nice if we could schedule the baby’s birth, then we wouldn’t have all this wondering and waiting. We could just know this is when the baby is coming so this is what I need to do and this is how long I have and this is when I’ll stop working…

Apparently God was listening to us both.

No baby yet but Lord-willing by this Thursday sometime we will. Last week I had a Dr’s appt and another ultrasound was done along with another stress test. Everything looked fine and healthy. The baby gained a pound so the Little One is now up to 6 and 1/2 lbs – healthy size Thank You Lord. My fluid had dropped to 9.5 from 11 three weeks previous, which was not good but still definitely enough to be healthy and fine until the baby was born.

Then I go in today. Another non-stress test, everything looks good. I’m still only dilated to 1.5 cm (darn) but I’m not leaking any fluid, good. Then the Dr. drops the bomb. He’ll be leaving town next week and bc of his concerns in the past and bc he has some of those concerns still (why is the baby still small and the fluid low and dropping?) he would like to be the one to deliver the baby (and I would like him to be the one to deliver this little one). So, he wants to induce me at the end of the week. “oh” I calmly say inside going – say what!?!!?! When we went out to talk to the schedular Wednesday was the day that worked out. So, barring my water breaking or labor happening on its own this Wednesday at 4pm Bryan and I are going to the hospital and we won’t return until after the Little one is born. Craziness!!!

I’m looking at it that in response to my prayer the baby is going to be born this week and in response to Bryan’s desire we do know the time when we’re to go to the hospital. Ok, Lord, this is not the way I expected things to go, but I am thankful the baby is coming this week and it is nice to know I have two days (sort of) to get cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry and last minute prep stuff done. It DOES take away from the excitement of “when is it going to happen” and man was I freaking out when I left the Dr’s office! BUT, at the end of the day a healthy child is all that matters and if this makes sure to the best of our ability that this little one will be born safe and healthy, then ok.

As always, your prayers for us all would be greatly appreciated!!! Lord-willing when I update next week it will be – this is how labor and delivery went and this is our new little one. Wow.