So, there was a day when I actually wondered how a baby could take so much time. All they did was eat, sleep, and poop so what’s the big deal. Boy have I learned a lot in the past week and a half. It is amazing how one soooo small can take up so much space, time, energy, and thought. But they do!

I must say, though, I just love having her around. It’s crazy to think that two weeks ago she wasn’t ‘here’ or at least a full fledged part of the family, but the moment the little one arrives you just instantly accept that she’s part of your family and you love her accordingly. Everything changes so quickly.

Nights – the past two nights she’s kept me up a good portion of it. Last night we were up together from 2-6am. Amazing how long a night can seem. Thankfully, she’s still too cute for me to get really frustrated with her. I’m sure that time will come but when I look at her, all I see is this helpless little one that I just love so much. Again, I’m sure if this continues I’ll have my moments, but thankfully for now we’re hanging in there.

Days – they revolve around feedings. Constantly in my mind is running the thought – I fed her at this time so she’ll probably start getting hungry at this time which means I can do such and such at this time and still be ok to feed her at this time….

She’s just such a miracle and too stinkin’ cute! But I know I’m biased 🙂