There are about 4 outfits that fit Rina at the moment so that’s why it looks like she’s always wearing the same thing – she is 🙂 But my little girl is growing up and we figure we have one more week or so then she won’t fit in the newborn clothes anymore 🙁

Bryan decided to expand Rina’s literary input this past week. He read her “One Sunny Day” and then something about a programers guide to DJango. Guess which picture shows which book 🙂 Let’s just say Rina has her daddy wrapped around her little finger and he loves it. Oh, and notice the size of the pacifier in the first picture compared to her face 🙂
This past weekend we had visits by good friends from GR and had a wonderful time seeing everyone again. One of the guests brought a kids Bible that shows how Jesus is at the heart of every story. Well, I’ve decided to read it to Rina and I while she’s eating. There’s not much else to do when you’re sitting there feeding her and a conversation tends to be one-sided. (I love the book, Jess, by the way) We read up through Noah’s Ark and the story talks about how after the flood God knew everything would go back the way it had been. The people would continue to rebel and do evil but He still decided to not flood the earth again. But, God had another plan already to enact. Now, maybe this is a question you guys have already considered but for some reason I’ve never thought about it before – why did God flood the earth in the first place if He knew it would all go back to the way it was before?

I do believe the flood really occured, and I do believe that God knew the future and what would happen. So, if He knew the flood would only be a temporary solution – why do it? Granted this is getting into Why does God do….. and we can’t totally answer any of those questions but I’m still curious if anyone has heard a sermon or read a book on this or has any thoughts on ‘why did God flood the earth?’ And yes, this is another question I’m chalking up to “when I get to heaven I’m going to ask God about.” 🙂