This picture is from like a month ago but I still think it’s sooo cute. Just some father-daughter bonding time 🙂 Bryan is wonderful I have to say. When he’s done with work for the day (and often even at lunch if he has time) he’ll take her and burp her or change her diapers or just hold her for awhile. I’m thankful for the little break, the help, and the fact that he likes to be involved with his daughter.
So, Bryan and I have been praying about where to live and to ‘settle down.’ The idea of settling down scares me to be honest. It sounds sooo permanent (I know it isn’t but it feels like it is) and what if we settle in the wrong area, or stay in the wrong city, or buy the wrong house!?!?! A house to me feels like a bigger commitement than marriage and it scares me, especially with the housing market the way it is today.

To encouage myself I’ve been thinking about this past year and all the changes that have taken place and how God has soooooo faithfully led us here. Starting with Israel and the way God made it obvious that we were to go back – Bryan’s change in job, the money we had saved up, both of us agreeing it was the best option, the fully furnished apartment we found to rent that we could actually afford, being able to go back one semester instead of two…

Then I thought about how we got here. My in-laws graciously offering us their cottage to live in for awhile while we decided where to live brought us to Ludington first, then we had told the Lord that if we got pregnant quickly and weren’t already enroute to GR we would take that as confirmation to stay in Ludington. So, when we got pregnant our second month trying… it just made sense to stay. My old employer – Riemer Eye Center agreed to take me back for 9 months also helped the decision! Finding an apartment we both liked and could afford….

I cannot help but look back and say, yes God has lead us here for right now. As hard as that is sometimes. For how long I don’t know. So, if God could faithfully lead us from GR to Israel to Ludington then He definitely can lead us to the right house, the right community, the right…. I just need to ‘be anxious for nothing and pray about everything.’ It will be interesting to look back January of 2010 and see what God did this year that’s for sure. In 2008 He sure gave us some surprises 🙂