My little girl is getting soooooooo big!!! She’s outgrown pretty much her 3 mos sleepers! She’ll be 3 mos this Friday. My goodness how time has flown. It feels like she’s always been a part of the family now. I can’t imagine life without her 🙂
Well, after 3 years of bliss and enjoyment, with only a 3 month hiatus while in Israel, Bryan finally decided it was time to say goodbye to an old and dear relationship that is very close to my heart. Yes, it’s true. We are taking a break from our 3 chocolate chip cookies a night. I know, I know, shocking and horrifying but I’ll try to handle it. For those of you who didn’t know Bryan and I early on in our marriage got into the habit of making choco chip cookie dough, leaving it in the fridge and every night pulling it out and baking 6 cookies, 3 for each of us. Delicious!

Somehow Bryan just decided he was getting bored with the melting-in-your-mouth hot-out-of-the-oven cookies that we’re use to eating. Sigh. So, we’re trying different things. We did do the store-bought sugar cookies but decided those weren’t that good and it’s cheaper to make our own. So, now we’re using my mother-in-law’s delicious sugar cookie recipe. MMMMMM. But, after this I’m not sure what we’ll do. Any suggestions for a new favorite dessert for us?????

Thank you for all the advice with houses. It makes me feel a little more prepared in the looking and buying area to have them!