Oh my word was Rina little when she was born. Wow. Well, it put my pictures in backwards but at least they’re still consecutive order. 1st pic – 3 mos. 2nd pic -2 mos, 3rd pic – 1 mos and 4th pic- 1 weekish. I know it’s only been 3 mos but it’s hard to think Rina was ever that little 🙂

She is now definitely in the 3-6 mos clothes arena and even those aren’t big on her. Although I read that they’re suppose to start slowing down in their growth around this time for awhile so that’s good. Otherwise Rina will be out of these clothes in a month or two!!!

She is in her own room now and sleeping just fine. She doesn’t usually wake up till 7:30-9am to eat. She’s such a good baby and I know I am so spoiled 🙂