The second picture is Rina at 3 mos in her bassinet. The first is her at 4 mos in her new crib – thank you Althouses! We just moved her into the crib on Sunday. It was probably long past due. I had been hoping to keep her in her bassinet till we moved and then we’d only have to move and put up the crib once, but, my little growing girl decided she didn’t want to wait that long. Sorry, little one 🙂

I know the angle of the first picture is kind of weird but she really does look small in her crib. I can’t imagine what a newborn would look like! My little one is growing up….. sigh.
Long story short – Bryan and I get this journal called “Miqra” 4x a year. The first journal of the year is always on a book out of the Pentateuch and the entire journal (it’s only like 8 pages) are articles on that book. This past journal was on the book of Leviticus. AMAZING articles! Wow. Here’s some stuff the article covered on what you can learn about WORSHIP in the book of Leviticus:

First off – worship is to be a lifestyle. It’s not just singing, it’s giving offerings, listening to the sermon, reading the Bible, praying, fellowshiping, thanking God for things, taking communion…. anytime you respond appropriately to the knowledge of God.

Who do we worship – The God of the Bible as He has revealed Himself to be, not just ‘any’ god. Often people will talk about ‘god.’ Two very common phrases – I believe in god, or – I want to thank god, my agent, my family…. for this award! Yes, but what ‘god’ are they talking about. Rarely is it The God of Scripture as He has revealed Himself to be. You see, the God of the Bible is awe-inspiring, fear inducing, both lovely and terrifying to behold, majestic in His splendor, yet humble in His nature. Full of holiness and love, mercy and justice. The God revealed in the Bible is to be the object of worship.

What is the aim of worship – to delight the heart of God. Or in the verbage of Leviticus – to make a soothing or pleasing aroma for the Lord NOT a disgusting odor. I was always taught and even assumed that worship was to get my heart right with God and bring me into His presence. Nope. Worship is to please God’s heart, my preferences and desires in worship aren’t even suppose to be a consideration. The thought shouldn’t be – what can I get out of Church this Sunday morning? BUT instead – did my worship this Sunday morning delight God? Is He pleased with what we said, sang, did, thought….? And if God can be pleased – that means He can also not be pleased.

How do we know if our worship is pleasing to God- tune in next week 🙂