Don’t worry I didn’t leave her there long 🙂 I just thought she looked cute so I snapped her picture quickly. In case you’re all wondering the cloth diapers are going quite well. Yes it’s an extra load of laundry but since I’m not washing by hand that’s not too big of an issue. And as long as the diaper and pants are put on correctly and tightly there aren’t any accidents 🙂 I will say, though, it does make me more thankful for the ‘just wet’ diapers that I get.

Rina had a Dr’s appt the other day. She is 26.25 ins (95-97th percentile) and 15lbs and 1.4ozs (50-75th percentile). Yes, she is a big girl 🙂 but healthy and looks good so we are thankful!
Now for the big question, how can we know if our worship is acceptable to God? Well, ask yourself this question – am I bringing to God the absolute best that I have to offer during my worship or am I offering to God something less than the best?

In Leviticus God required different animals depending on the sacrifice but one thing was always the same – it was to be without blemish or defect, or the animal was to be choice and costly. In other words- the best you had, not the sick, the old, the blind, not even the pretty good animals. In one sense God said to Israel, “I’m God and I deserve the best you have! Anything less is unacceptable.”

Now, many of us can honestly say that we don’t give God our scraps or leftovers, but are we honestly giving to God the best we have?

Do we give God our best out of our time, money, bodies, minds, or do we give less than the best? How many of us make mental statements like these?
If I have money left over from this paycheck then I’ll give some back to You, Lord.
If I have time left in the day I’ll read my Bible and pray
If I get up on time and I’m not too tired I’ll go to church

Now, this doesn’t mean the best based on what everybody else can and has given. This is not a comparison game. This is strictly between you and God. Have you given the God of the universe the absolute best out of what you have to offer Him? Or, are we giving God tired bodies, minds not fully focused on Him, leftovers from our paycheck after we’ve bought what we wanted first…

God wants and actually deserves the best we have. He won’t accept anything less.