Well, we moved on Saturday and we had both showers and blessings 🙂 Thank you sooooo much to all who helped. We sincerely appreciated it!!! Thanks to all the help we were able to move everything in our apartment (besides the boxes we had moved previously) to the house in only two trips. And yes God held off the rain at the right times so stuff was moved relatively dry. Thank You Lord.

The top picture is off part of our backyard. There is a fenced in area to the right that isn’t really seen. The next pic is of our living room. No we’re still trying to figure out where to put the book cases. They don’t fit upstairs since the ceiling is too low so we gave to figure out a place for 4 book cases. Yes, we have a lot of books.

Rina finally has her own room!!!! And her naps have definitely improved. She sleeps longer in her crib than in the bouncy seat or swing – go figure 🙂 Bryan is all the way upstairs now in his own room as well. He seems so far 🙁 Rina and I went and visited him once already 🙂

Otherwise, we love our new home and are very very thankful to be here.