My little girl is 6 mos old. Wow, I love watching her grow up but it has gone so fast! I see newborn babies now and go ‘oh, I remember when Rina was that little!’ I know, I know, wait until she’s 1 or 2 or 3 or…. 🙂

At the moment life feels incredibly busy. We are still trying to unpack. All we have left are the books basically and the misc items such as pictures to hang. I look forward to it all being done. This week is extra busy bc I am giving the Mother’s day sermon at Path of Life on Sunday. I am preaching on Genesis 22. If you think of it pray for me 🙂 Thanks.
So, Bryan and I got this idea from a lady that goes to my parent’s church and she says God gave her the idea – a 40 day prayer battle. The idea is to pray daily about something very specific for 40 days and see what God does. Both Bryan and I have some specific issues we would like dealt with so we decided to pray for 40 days about them. My specific issue right now is fear.

Ever since I was a little girl I have struggled with fear. I think part of my struggle is that I have an over-active imagination and I do not take my thoughts captive the way I should. But, I think part of it is just a spiritual battle and I am tired of being on the losing end of it, especially when I don’t have to be. So, every morning Bryan and I get together and we pray. We’ve been praying for a couple of weeks now. I have it marked on the calendar so we know when the 40 days are up.

It’s a great way to just get in the habit of praying together every morning. Not to mention you learn perseverance in prayer. What has happened so far – to be honest I’m not sure. I’m not sure how bad the first few weeks in the house would have been (at night) if we hadn’t been praying about this stuff. As it is, there have been a couple of rough times but something tells me they were a lot less bad than they could have been. And God has been teaching me different things about Himself that specifically hit on the issue of fear. My prayer has been that God takes me to the root of the issue, pulls it out, covers it with His blood, and fills in the hole with His Spirit. I don’t want just daily victories over fear – I want it done and gone. We shall see what God will do…..