Everybody has quirks. This picture shows one of Rina’s. She LOVES to sleep with her face covered by the blanket. She has been doing this since she was about 4 mos old. It use to freak me out, I’ll be honest, and I was probably a bit paranoid. My heart stopped the first few times I walked in on Rina in the morning with the blanket over her face.

In fact, it got so bad in the beginning that I wouldn’t sleep if she was not fully asleep. You see, the blanket always starts down below the head. But if she’s doesn’t fall asleep right away the blanket eventually gets pulled up over the face. So, in the middle of the night when she woke up she’d pull her blanket up over her face. I usually woke up bc of her making noise and I’d walk in the room and pull the blanket down. Then I’d stay awake until I knew she was asleep. Paranoid, I know! This lasted the first month or so of this new habit. And yes, I was very very tired most days.

Now, Bryan and I will purposefully put the blanket near her face to help her sleep at night 🙂 Oh, how things change. Where she got this from I have no clue. My dad likes to sleep with his face covered at times and Bryan will sometimes cover his face while he’s taking a nap but, I’m not sure either one counts for this. She’s just my strange daughter what can I say 🙂 I do wonder how long this phase will last…..