We bought Rina a “jenny-jump-up” and she’s not thrilled with it yet. She LOVES to bounce herself in her bouncy seat but when she’s in her jump-up she just sits there until she gets bored and then she cries. Yes, I have been bouncing her at times while she sits in it. I’m not giving up that easily though! We will keep trying!!!

You can barely see it in the picture but her right hand is down above her right leg. Another little quirk of my daughter. She always has her right hand there when she’s in this thing. I’ll pull it up and she’ll yank it back down 🙂 Maybe it makes her feel more secure.

Life is exciting in the VanHaitsma household these days let me tell you. Rina has been getting a wee bit fussier this past week and I’ve noticed her straining more to poop. Yeah, didn’t put the two together until Saturday night Bryan watched as Rina cried and strained to push out a pooh. My poor child, I feel terrible. But she’s eating applesauce and bananas why is her poop so hard??? That was my thought until I learned that apples and bananas are both “binding fruit” and you give them to your child together ONLY if they have the runs. I did not know this. Now I do.

So, she’s off the bananas and applesauce for awhile and on pears and greenbeans and more nursing. Poor kid. Thankfully things have gotten easier the last few days but she’s still having to strain at times. Oh, and yes we are doing a little prune juice in her water.

As for me, I have an ingrown toenail on my big toe 🙁 These things are killer. I’ve been trying to fix it by soaking my toe and shoving small wads of cotton underneath my toenail (per my dad) to “distract the nail from the flesh.” It was working for awhile but now I’m starting to feel it again. Do you know, the only other option for ingrown toenails is to remove the nail – surgery! Sheesh.

So, yes, life is full. My daughter is constipated and I have an ingrown toenail. Aren’t you glad you read this blog 🙂