Who needs hands when you have feet to play with toys 🙂 My incredibly smart child is getting bored with the ‘typical’ way of playing with her toys so she is inventing new and creative ways to entertain herself……… and if you believe that I have a horse to sell ya as well 🙂

Since I know you’re all worried – we’re all better in the VanHaitsma household 🙂
What is considered to be the most personal and intimate name for God is revealed in Exodus 3 to Moses at the burning bush, YHWH. Hebrew is a consonantal language, the vowels are just understood. Now, we pronounce this name today as Yahweh (Ya-way) but no one is completely sure how it would have been pronounced in the OT.

We’re not 100% sure what it means either. The closest we can get is “I AM.” God gives this Name to Moses when Moses asks God what His Name is (in essence – what are You like?) Personally I think God was saying to Moses, “I am undefinable, there are no words to describe or explain me. I am beyond language, beyond understanding and comprehension. The closest I can tell you, Moses, is I AM what I AM.”

Now the Jewish sages (Rabbis) studied the Scripture intensely, each letter, each syllable, each word, each phrase…. This specific Name of God’s obviously had great importance for them and so this was too studied in depth. To the Sages ears the sound of each letter as it was being pronounced (in Hebrew something like “yud, hey, vov, hey”) sounded like breathing. This brought to mind how in Genesis God breathed into Adam’s nostrils to give him life. And as each person continues to breathe (and therefore live) the divine name of God is repeatedly being uttered.

The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, YHWH, is so amazing that He can command praise and testimony from everyone, even those who would deny His existence. Their very breath confirms that He is “I AM.” And as the Bible says “let everything that has breathe praise the LORD.”