No clue where this face came from 🙂 She cracks me up, what a hoot!
Are you looking for a way out or for a way in? Bryan and I have been discussing this for quite awhile now. I first heard it from a prof at JUC when he was talking about the Jews and their relationship with Torah (God’s instructions or teaching – usually inadequately translated as “law”). If God says not to work on the Sabbath then I need to know what “work” is to make sure I don’t do it. Or to know what it isn’t so I know what is ok to do. Is it ok to walk to my neighbor’s house, to help my donkey if he falls into a pit, to take care of my sick spouse or child, to ….. whatever? The Jews had to and wanted to answer these questions to make sure they obeyed God’s Torah and lived the way God intended them to live. They were looking for a way in.

Today in the Christian world you often hear people talk about grace, salvation by faith, freedom to do and be…….. Therefore, it’s ok for me to watch these movies or tv shows, listen to this type of music, say these words, hang out with those friends, wear this clothing….. And I don’t have to tithe every month, do my devos every day, pray all the time, go to church every Sunday, study the Bible “religiously.” After all, I can’t earn my salvation.

No, you can’t earn your salvation. But once you are saved are you suppose to look for a way out or a way in.

Bryan asked me these questions the other day and then we went on to discuss them.
“When the speed limit says 55 what do you normally drive?”
“Bc I know I’m safe going about 5 miles over the speed limit and not get a ticket. I know I can bend the law this much and still be safe from consequences.”

Is that how we’re living the Christian life? I can do this much and not get into trouble. I can push the boundry line this far and be ok. What’s the least I have to do to be saved. Are you looking for a way out or a way in.

To be saved I can do NOTHING. So, any little bit I do is good right? Reading my Bible a little bit this week is better than never reading my Bible and praying before meals at least is better than never praying at all. But are you looking for a way out or a way in?

Maybe the view shouldn’t be “what’s the least I have to do” but instead “what can I do to bring glory to this amazing God? What else can I give to the One who has given so much to me?” Does this make sense? Maybe God doesn’t require ….. for salvation but does that mean we’re never to give it or do it or be it or stop doing it? If doing this or not doing this can bring me closer to Jesus then why wouldn’t I want to do it or not do it?

Sadly I can think of several excuses I give and none of them good. So, what about you – are you looking for a way out or a way in?