I think the pics are cute. I walked in Rin’s bedroom one day to see them both sitting like this chatting away 🙂 And yes, Bryan does wear more than just a white t’shirt all of the time 🙂

At Rin’s 6 mos appt her dr. said make sure to child proof bc she’ll be moving before long – she is ready! Yeah, right. I know, all of you older mom’s out there are warning me not to wish it but I can’t help it! I’m a typical first-time mom who has no clue what having the child be able to move means so she really wants it to happen. So, not to be bitter or anything but it seems like EVERY other child will be crawling or moving before mine. Let me prove it to ya-

Nora – Rin’s cousin who is younger by 2 days. A few weeks ago was starting to shimmy herself backwards while on the floor. Whether or not she’s still doing it I don’t know – her mom has 3 kids and isn’t as anxious for Nora to be moving right now. Go figure 🙂
Abbie – a cousin of mine’s daughter who is 2 weeks older than Rina apparently started crawling a few days ago.
Through church I know of two more little girls a couple of weeks older than Rina. One has been crawling for a couple mos. The other is WALKING on her own.

Yes, and then there’s my child. I do have to admit she hates tummy time and doesn’t seem interested in crawling, however she does love to walk. She can’t walk on her own but when holding your hand she can move. So, I suppose there is hope. And as my grandma reminded me yesterday – each child is like “Phase 10” (a card game). They go through each phase at their own time and in their own way and usually everyone catches up in the end…. At least, let’s hope so.