Well for the last two weeks my two sisters have been in town!!!!!!!!! It has been wonderful to see them. They are both staying another two weeks (YAY!) but wait for the blog when they leave 🙁 Just kidding, I won’t sob on the computer, my husband would shoot me 🙂

With my older sister came her two little ones (her husband – also a Bryan- just arrived from Alaska yesterday). So, Rin this past month has been swamped with cousins. First VanHaitsma cousins and now Nelson cousins. Not to mention a few kids of my cousins (2nd cousins, 1st cousins once removed????) But, I must say we’ve all been loving the family time.

We’ve gone to a petting farm, the beach (for the first time all summer), a pool, Muskegon, Greenville, Country Dairy Farms (gotta love the all you can drink chocolate milk!), a mall, blueberry picking, walks….

There have been a few new experiences in all of this for Rina. She LOVES blueberries and wow, they’re definitely helping her constipation issue which I love. Then, Rina had her toenails painted for the first time (too cute). The beach was interesting. Thankfully she didn’t eat too much sand. And we did actually get Rina to walk around a baby pool one day 🙂 Then there’s the new foods that have been snuck her way by her aunts (marshmellow, cookie, ice cream – but that was Grandpa Van)

All in all it has been an incredibly good and busy couple of weeks.