The first picture is of a Candy Cane cookie. I know, I know they look incredibly appetizing don’t they. The second is a picture of Rina a little ticked bc I was trying to take her chocolate milk (it’s the only way to get her to drink milk right now. She LOVES chocolate milk)
So, last Saturday I had this great idea that I was going to be really creative and make two good treats for the potluck at Church on Sunday but after going through all my magazines I couldn’t decide on two things. One thing I wanted to try was Candy Cane Cookies and I decided to just do an easy pasta salad (the kind that you buy at the store and cook yourself but you only have to add the mayo too).

My first hint that this was not a good idea should have been when I realized at home that I only had wheat flour. But, I thought no biggie, they’ll just be slightly browner and healthier sugar cookies than normal. Yeah, right. Then the stupid Candy Cane cookies took a WHOLE lot longer to do than I had originally planned. Twisting the little strips just wasn’t easy and my kitchen was a mess! It’s like 10 min to 5 and one batch was finally done so I gave one to Bryan to try. He just looked at me and shook his head. It was the last one he ate. I ran to the store to buy other cookies but couldn’t find any that I liked so I decided to just bring these and not tell anyone I had made them… (they’re still there now I believe, even the homeless people the Church has been feeding this week wouldn’t eat them…)

Oh well, at least I still had the pasta salad I couldn’t screw up. Yeah, right. Later that night I don’t know where my brain went, it was just gone. Can I blame it on OLD pregnancy brain syndrome???? I threw the pasta and the spices in the water to cook.

Five minutes later I’m talking on the phone with my sister and all of a sudden it hit me what I did. OH KNOW!!! I have got to tell you – cooked spices in water do not smell good. My kitchen wreaked! And I had 3 boxes of this stuff that I had just ruined!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I called my older sister and she said to throw a little Caesar dressing in there and see how it tasted. It wasn’t bad but man I really wanted that other pasta salad!

I stayed out of the kitchen after that. Unfortunately I went straight into the living room and managed to knock over my favorite lamp and break the shade, though, so things didn’t get much better. Maybe I should have gone straight to bed after lunch…