So, I used up my Christmas pics early on the last post 🙂 Whoops. You’ll just have to be content with looking at Rina on my workout box. One of her favorite places to play, but usually only when I’m trying to use it. Go figure 🙂 She’s a walking-girl these days. I just love seeing this little person walk around the house. It cracks me up!
God bringing glory to Himself through the Christmas story…

Mary and Elizabeth. One is a virgin, betrothed but not yet married. The other is married but old, barren and now past child-bearing age. But both women get pregnant by the power of the Living God. Neither one should but both do. And when God does what only God can do who get’s the glory- God.

Zechariah – he doesn’t believe when the angel Gabriel comes to him and tells him that he will have a son. So, for 9 mos Zechariah is unable to speak, until his son is born. And you know what he does AS SOON as he can speak – praises God. God has made the speaker mute and the mute to sing His praises – glory to God.

The Bible says that when the angels visit the shepherds they come with the glory of the Lord around them and they praise God saying, “Glory to God in the highest…” After the shepherds leave Mary, Joseph, and the baby it says that they gave praise and glory to God.

Mary herself sings a song of praise to God. And when Mary and Joseph enter the Temple with the baby an elderly gentleman comes up to them and at the sight of the baby Jesus praises God!

Read the Christmas story this year paying particular attention to whenever people praise God. Or notice the times when God does what only God can do bringing glory to His Name.

Bc after all – it’s all about God and bringing glory to Him. Even Christmas.

Merry Christmas Everyone!