I love the holidays but it’s always so depressing after wards. The excitement, the prep, the anticipation, the fun, the family, the really good food….. sigh. I suppose, though, if life were one big party it wouldn’t be nearly as exciting. But I am beginning to understand why throughout Scripture some feasts lasted more than just a day. After all the prep and excitement it’s nice to think you have at least a few days to enjoy the festivities. Hmmmmmm, seven days of feasting, maybe that’s an idea we need to latch on to 🙂 Oh, 10 points to anyone who can come up with verses where it talks about feasting for 7 days…

Rina is a walkin’-fiend and I love it. It is just so cute watching this little person walk around the house. She has gotten at least 6 more teeth in the last two months!! She’s been a bit cranky this time but no wonder. Four molars came in at once 🙁

Otherwise life is now continuing on. We had a great time with Bryan’s brother Jared, wife Lori, and their kids when they were here for the week. Life seems really quiet and a bit dull right now. I think Rina especially misses all the excitement of her cousins.

Next time I’ll put more pics on the blog 🙂