Well, I had intended to make this either a blog of pics from Christmas of Rina and her cousins or an interesting blog (at least to me 🙂 ) on what I’ve been learning from my hubby these past few weeks on genealogies in the Bible (yes, I said genealogies and I’m not the only one – the whole Friday night Bible study group is eating it up) but instead I am going to just say again – God is SOOOOOO faithful.

Before we went to Israel we bought a laptop for me. I put EVERYTHING on it. Pics, papers, notes, videos, anything and everything. The different Bible study lessons I created, the sermons I’ve done, the papers I’ve written in the past few years, all our pics from Israel, from the time after and of Rina, all and more are on my laptop.
Well, a few weeks ago my little laptop started to act up. Nothing too crazy just wouldn’t hibernate properly and ran out of battery quickly. I panicked, though, with everything I had on there and told Bryan – we need to copy all this stuff on our back up hard drive (?). So, last week we finally sat down one night and copied everything to a hard drive Bryan bought a few years ago simply for that purpose. Amazing what you learn when your husband is into computers 🙂
Well, this morning the laptop worked just fine. Tonight it won’t turn on. The lights all turn on and it begins to make a noise and then it just completely shuts down. I’m not sure when we’ll be able to buy me another laptop 🙁 but Thank You Lord!!! we didn’t loose anything, except maybe a few pics. It’s all up there on the back up drive. Thank You, thank You, thank You Lord!!!
Lesson to be learned – Back Things UP!!! you never know when your computer will decide to die. This one’s only 3 years old!