Well, we sent my poor laptop in to hp to get it fixed 🙁 They think either the mother board broke or the hard drive. Either way, we’re still thankful we made a backup copy. BUT, the old pics are all on the hard drive sitting upstairs in my hubby’s office so you’ll have to content yourself with new pics of Rina 🙂

Yes, we do have more than one computer/laptop around 🙂 Yes, my hubby is a nerd. (I can say that bc I married him and I am actually a nerd myself but not with the computer 🙂 ) These pics were taken the other day when Rina and Bry were playing around the floor. My non-snuggly daughter has begun to get a little snuggle lately and it’s rather nice. Awwwwww.
Memorization, Scripture memorization to be more precise. We always hear (and really know) how important it is but rarely do I seem to make time for it. Well, last year Bryan and I were challenged to begin memorizing again. A few years ago we heard the Pastor of Ada Bible in GR recite the entire book of Philippians for his sermon one Sunday. That challenged us even back then, could we memorize a whole book of the Bible???? Maybe even more than one?
For Christmas Bryan was given a book called His Word in my Heart by Janet Pope on Scripture memorization and it is phenomenal!!! I heartily recommend it. It’s written by a lay woman who has memorized over 90 chapters of the Bible!!!! While raising 2 kids and being involved with ministry and running a house and living life and….
Her point in the book is Scripture memorization is very important for a growing and healthy relationship with the Lord and is actually possible. She recommends learning whole books or at least whole chapters or whole sections (like the Sermon on the Mount or a whole Psalm) so that you not only get the verse but also the context. It’s also easier to remember that way then just random verses scattered throughout.
Here’s how she did it. She wrote a verse on a 3×5 card and just meditated on it all day whenever she could. During laundry, running errands, doing her hair and makeup, making dinner, cleaning up…. Now I know for those who work it’s not always possible at work to just meditate on a verse, but what about while driving to work, or going to the bathroom, or taking that 5 minute drink at the water fountain – just run through it once quickly. Or while walking down the hall, say a quick verse. If it’s truly a priority we’ll find ways to do it.
Why to do it – (I believe…) Bc God commands us to know His Word. If you want to know God better- know His word better, if you want to have effective powerful prayers- know His word, if you feel stagnant and dry- Ps 1 says those who meditate on God’s Torah will be like a tree planted by streams of water i.e. know His word.
Yes, I have spent many years not memorizing Scripture, and I know I have a long way to go. But I am becoming more and more convinced memorizing Scripture is not just something the Christian can do but something the Christian NEEDS to do for life, health, godliness. To better glorify our Lord and Savior – what could be more fitting than knowing His word intimately – as much as we can while here on earth?